What's This?

This is a blog.

Woo! I get to be the winner of stating the obvious! Huzzah!

No really, this is a little spot for me to put the little bits of World of Warcraft related flotsam that floats around in my noggin. Mostly it will be little vignettes about my characters (or my friends/guidlies characters). Updates every Wednesday at minimum.

Oh, you want more information? I'm Amaranth. I'm a WoW player from Madison, WI. Been playing WoW since just before BC was released. Used to be a medium-core raider, but don't have quite as much time or patience for raiding as I once did. I play on a PVE server, but secretly wish I could RP. To fill that gap I write about my characters, and that is what you find here.

If I'm running dry on ideas I may post a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic or various other memes.

Don't know what Blog Azeroth is?

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