Wednesday, February 29, 2012

With them spells like Jaina

As you come around the corner to the hall in the apprentice's quarters, you hear a high pitched, and slightly out of tune voice singing: 

Make it with a wand
and I'm castin'
Power from beyond
and I'm blastin'

All the spells like Jaina!
I've got the moves like Jaina!
Oooo, I've got spells like Jaina!

Peaking in the door you see a pale gawky human, in the bright purple robes of a beginner, dancing awkwardly on her bed and singing.

Don't even try 
to counterspell me.
I am the princess 
of wizardry.

With them moves like Jaina!
I've got the spells like Jaina!
Oooo, I've got moves like Jaina!

She gasps and hides behind the curtains of her four-poster bed, as she sees you watching her.


  1. I was going to comment but I don't want to spook her, enjoyed peaking in.