Saturday, April 7, 2012

A first meeting

A loud groan emanates from the freshly dug grave. Slowly a young woman's pale and dirty face appears as she sits up. She is obviously no longer alive, her skin sags unnaturally away from her bones, her hair is dirty and disheveled, and her eyes are missing. A high pitched nasally voice greets her. "Hey, miss. You ok?" says the imp.

"Ughh," she says as she stretches her arms and then attempts to rub her eyes in order to restore her sight. She lets out a shriek as she discovers her eyes are missing. "My eyes! I'm blind!"

"It's ok, miss. I'm here. I'll help you," the imp replies patiently.

She stretches her arms out waving them in front of her. "Where are you? Who are you?" Her hands swish through the air passing over the imp's head as he bows elegantly before her, apparently forgetting that she can't see him.

"Zigyal, at your service, miss. You can call me Ziggy." He stretches a tiny hand out to meet hers and shakes it in greeting.

"Oh!" She gasps, "Your hands are so small!"

"Errrm, right. Uhh, I'm, ahhh - a gnome afterall." The imp nods and smiles, proud of his lie.

"Pleased to meet you, Ziggy. Umm... Do you have any idea what has happened? Last I remember I was sending fireballs towards a Forsaken ship, then there was a huge explosion...." She reaches out to grab for him, but he ducks away from her, and she waves her hands frantically in search of her new friend. "Oh! Please tell me my mother and father are ok?! Please!"

"Calm down, miss. We'll get this sorted out. I promise."

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