Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Motivation returned

"Come on, Miss!" the high pitched voice of the imp calls.

"But I don't feel like going anywhere. I'm too sad," the undead woman sulks, causing her already unpleasant face to sag even further.

"Tiresya, there's a war going on out there. We can't just sit here or the enemy will win. You are a powerful caster, much like myself. You are needed."

"I'd rather just die. Everyone I love is already dead."

"Come on. You don't really mean that!" The imp settles a tiny hand on her shoulder in an attempt at comforting her. "This is an opportunity, Tiresya. Think of all the, ermm, good you can do in helping to push back the, uhh, Forsaken. You could avenge the deaths of your loved ones!" At this last lie, the imp can't resist releasing a tiny chuckle.

Lost in her own thoughts, the laugh goes unnoticed. She slowly nods her head in agreement.

The imp continues, "Besides, the fellow upstairs has given us a special task, to retrieve his lost pet, Sparky."

A slight smile passes over the woman's waxen lips, "Ohhh, what kind of pet is Sparky? A dog or cat?"

"Umm, I'm not sure, but the gentleman did say he is fond of fish."

"Ohh, then it much be a cat. I do like cats."

"Well then, come on, girl! Let's go!" The imp grabs her hand and tugs gently.

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