Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding Sparky

The metallic smell and crackle of electricity surges through the air on the beach. Tiresya drops the imp's tiny hand and moves her head as though looking around, as if this will help her to see and understand what is happening. In an urgent whisper she says, "What's that, Zig?"

The imp responds in his casual manner, "Umm... I think I know why they call him Sparky."


"Errmm... Duck, miss."

"What? Why?"

As the sound of the electric energy grows louder the imp's voice becomes more urgent, "Just do it. Duck now!" 

She just barely ducks in time for the bolt of lightning to surge over her head. She yells, "What was that?!"

"Miss, do you still have the fish and the leash?" the imp asks calmly.

"What does that have to do with anything?! What is attacking us?" 

"Errrr, Sparky is."

"What? How is a cat casting electrical energy?"

"Umm..." He pauses in thought, "Static electricity?"

She sighs, exasperated with the situation. "Fine. What do you want me to do?"

"Just set the fish in front of you on the ground and back away, just enough distance to lasso him with the leash. I'll give you the signal when he's at the fish."

She does as he asks, and as she waits for the signal she hears a strange noise.


"What... was... that?"

"Errrr, I think that was a meow, Tir. I don't think this is a very healthy cat. Maybe hasn't eaten in a while?"

"Is he going for the fish?"

"Yes! Now! Get him!"

She winds up and manages, either through luck or magic, to snare the creature perfectly. As the leash encircles the creature's neck it instantly calms and walks closer to the undead woman. She kneels and reaches a hand out to pet it.

"Umm... Miss, I wouldn't do that. He doesn't sound well. I don't want you to get sick."

She nods and backs away.

The murloc slurps up the fish and lets out a contented sound, "Mrrrrhhhllll."

The imp smiles and grabs the woman's hand, "Let's get him back to the man at the inn."

She frowns, considering the noises she has heard. "It doesn't really sound like a cat, but I can't quite place what that noise is, although I feel as though I have heard it before..." she thinks aloud.

The imp squeezes her hand. "It's just a sick cat, Tir. Let's get him home so he can get better."


  1. "Maybe he hasn't eaten in a while."

    LOVE IT. I'm laughing twice as hard because I just did that quest on a relatively new toon a couple days ago.

  2. Yay! Thanks for the words of encouragement!